Thursday, March 26, 2009

Add To Your Community Website!

I hope you have a chance to take some time to check out Northern Community Radio’s new online project, That’s the regional website that’s perhaps your best starting point for finding your local, community Internet site.

Maybe that’s, or, or, or

There are 10 community websites so far, and more are being requested!

These sites are specially designed so that you can ADD CONTENT to them! Maybe you have a blog that you’d to share with a larger audience. Perhaps you have something to sell on the free classifieds. Or maybe your business or organization would like to add an event to the community calendar.

Whatever you add, it’s participation that makes the community websites more and more useful to your community.

You can also find interesting things there that your friends and neighbors have added, conduct a Google search that stays inside your community, participate in local political discussions on e-Democracy, and more.

If your community doesn’t have a site yet, and you’re interested in helping us get one started, let us know via the feedback form on the site. If you are interested in serving on a local management team for your community, you can help design and shape the content on your community’s website. Again, contact us on the feedback form! Thanks!--Maggie Montgomery

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