Thursday, March 26, 2009

Life On The River: The Parade Begins

On Tuesday morning, after John Latimer and I got off the air, we put the binoculars on some Goldeneyes and Hooded Mergansers on the Mississippi. Over the next four or five weeks, or until the ice goes out on the lakes, we will see all kinds of waterfowl as they migrate back to northern Minnesota. The early ones like the Goldeneyes and Mergansers will move further north to nest. As these photos show, these birds are stunning in their mating plumage. In addition to the parade of ducks, Herons and Osprey will arrive later and hang around all summer. We know we are lucky to work here, with our studio windows looking out on a scene like this. Even a dreary March day serves up golden moments on the river. Stop in and take a look.

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