Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Live Realgoodwords Event TONIGHT!

I'm so excited! Tonight is our first ever LIVE Realgoodwords. We're continuing our Stay Warm fundraiser for KAXE - Northern Community Radio. Be a member!!!!

What is it?
Why it's the BEAT CAFE! Join Heidi Holtan and The Krebs for a night of poetry and finger snapping music. There will be a beat, candlelight and lots of black. We're celebrating KAXE - Northern Community Radio - a community radio station that brings you locally produced programming and events. Join us at KAXE (260 NE 2nd Street, Grand Rapids) or on the air from 6-7pm, tonight for Steve Downing, Pat Albert Downing and KC Johnson in a KAXE house concert. Free to all KAXE members - enjoy coffee and treats.

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Anonymous said...

Correction: KC Johnson, Steve and PAT Downing (not John).