Thursday, March 26, 2009


KAXE's "Stay Warm" fundraiser ended on March 6, and it's time to acknowledge some very important people (VIPs, if you will).

We want to thank:
Carolyn King, for being here several times during the fundraiser to answer phones
Jane Jewett and Roger Vogt and Fleming Township, for providing an incredible local lunch
Summer Kitchen Supplies, for supplying pasties and calzones for lunch
DJ the DJ, for bringing in a pot of awesome chili
Kathleen Blake, for answering phones and bringing in blueberry coffee cake
Elaine Hayes, for bringing in warm, curried fruit on Hot Dessert Day
Mike Peterson, for answering phones and for providing Hot Dessert as well
My Dinner Party, for donating a delicious lunch
KAXE's Very Own Chef Charlie, for serving the troops lunch and dessert
Sandy Roggenkamp, for answering phones and bringing food
Joe and Sue Gnoza, for answering phones and bringing food

And the following people all answered phones:
Anna Johnson
Derek Fox
Brenda Greeley
Kody Calgaro
Betsy Crabb
Nancy Oleheiser
Laurie Vail
Carolin Humpal
Randy McCarty

We couldn't have done it without you!

Thank you also to all on-air volunteers, and of course, those who pledged!

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