Saturday, May 16, 2009

did you have a treehouse or a treeFORT as a kid?

What's the difference, anyway? It's love a tree day today and we're celebrating things all things TREE.

You can vote for your FAVORITE MN tree - let us know WHY it is your favorite.

This time of year many people have trees on their minds - they are cutting them down, splitting, and stacking their fuel for next winter (or next week here in Minnesota). They are planting new trees. And they are hanging out among the trees, marveling at the bright green new buds and life out there in the forests.

The other big tree question: have you ever chained yourself to one? Or is that too personal?

Check out this cool gallery of favorite MN trees on the DNR website. You can see KAXE member and photographer Karen Oodhoudt's photos there too!

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