Thursday, May 14, 2009

MN DNR wants your photos of your favorite tree!

Tomorrow on Between You and Me from 10-noon on KAXE we're celebrating "Love a Tree Day". We want you to call in and tell us about your favorite tree - and vote on the poll on our blog you'll see to the left.

Tune in to hear what the favorite tree of KAXE is - and hear a conversation with Eli Sagor from My Minnesota Woods.Org about HIS favorite tree. And how he almost LOST his favorite tree too.

For the month of May the MN DNR is asking you to send in a photo of your favorite tree. Go here to upload them! You can view the favorite trees sent in so far here.

And, KAXE would also love to add your favorite trees to our online gallery. Email us your photos!

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JP said...

Can't listen or call into the show, but I enjoyed this exercise so figured I'd share something.

I sent in this note (on above blog url) to the place and got back this nice response yesterday:

Hi JP,

Thanks for your photo upload and description.

Keep on fighting for that tree. It adds an extra element to the beautiful landscape.

Wish I had such a grand view.

Hope you are having a wonderful Arbor Month.

Jennifer Teegarden
Forestry Outreach Specialist


For another look at the tree see my twitter Pic: