Friday, May 1, 2009

The Morning Show, May 4-8

by Scott Hall

Hightlights for the Morning Show, May 4th throught the 8th.


Iron Range news and commentary from Aaron Brown on Monday (7:20). Musical prodigy Kate Ophoven drops by the studio to talk about the Grieg Piano Concert she'll perform next Saturday with the Itasca Youth Orchestra (8:10).


Jazz guitarist, Sam Miltich, talks with Scott about his new CD, "Darn That Dream". It's 12 duets with saxophonist Dave Karr (8:10).


We'll talk with Minnesota author, Mark Munger, about his new book, "Mr. Environment: The Willard Munger Story". The legendary MN legislator was Mark's uncle (8:10). Also, Don Boese debuts a new series, "The Mighty Five". Don tells the story and plays the music of the five 19th Century composers who created the foundation for Russian Classical music (8:40).


Our Early Bird Guide, Jeff Sundin, joins Chad Haatvedt to get us ready for the fishing opener. Chad and Jeff's special guest is Tom Dickson, author of "The Great Minnesota Fish Book". Also, chef Mathew Taylor drops by to give us tips on cooking fish. Call and join the conversation between 8:10 and 9 o'clock.


Heidi and John talk to neuroscientist, Richard Restak, about his new book, "Think Smart: A Neuroscientist's Prescription For Improving Your Brain's Performance" (810).

Those highlights plus Laura Erickson on returning Warblers (6:35 M-W-F); Tuesday, John Latimer and the Phenology network keeping track of the arrival of Spring, and All Things Equine with Bethann Perendy; Wednesday, the Local Food Scene (7:20); Thursday, Making Sausage (7:20) and The Sports Page (7:45); Friday, The Mom of Pop Culture (6:40), and What's For Breakfast (7:45).

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