Saturday, September 5, 2009

Another UnFair Year

by Scott Hall

I'd like to go to the MN State Fair every year, but I make it about once every four years. Not this year. About 20 years ago, we did the morning show from a small studio in the Horticulture Building at the Fair. It was great fun talking to 4Hers, and about Fair food, animals, agriculture and history. Karal Ann Marling was our co-host that morning. Her book, "Blue Ribbon: A Social and Pictorial History of the Minnesota State Fair" is still a fun read.

We don't spend much time on the Midway anymore, but the food, farm animals, food, entertainment, food, DNR fish and wildlife sites, food, people watching and food are still big attractions. I felt even worse after reading Rick Nelson's list of ten food favorites in the Friday Star Tribune. The deep-fried smelt (pronounced SCHHHMELT by John Bauer and others) and the coffee frozen custard looked the best to me. What are your Fair favorites?

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wabana said...

Fair favorites: Falafal sandwich overflowing with fresh vegetables; hot benets overflowing with powdered sugar; 1919 root beer overflowing with foam;fresh pressed apple cider from the overflowing Agriculture building; creme puffs overflowing with whipped creme; cajun spiced chicken breast overflowing the stick; crepes overflowing with sauteed mushrooms and cheese(not on a stick), mini-doughnuts overflowing the bag if you're lucky!