Monday, September 28, 2009

Guido's Guide to Fashion during hunting season

by Heidi Holtan

Steve Downing (Guido) is what you might call a renaissance man. Writer, patron and slave to the arts, hunter, hair model, connoisseur of fine wine, beer and food, recycler and fashion guru. Guru? Yes my friends, Guido is a fashion guru. He leads the way not just for coffeehouse and red carpet events - but the wide open world of nature fashion. You can hear his essay here about his hunting pursuits.

If you've never hunted or lived with a hunter, you are missing out. Most think that hunting is about the thrill of the pursuit, the innate desire to bring home meat to the missus.

Here's a secret: it's really about the "look". Hunting is all about the clothing and the look. Which kind of cammo? What type of layers? What scent will be appropriate?

For Guido, it's all about the shoes and tie.


Anonymous said...

Yellow shoes when hunting after Labor Day

Anonymous said...

Early bow hunting fashion certainly has more fun, flexibility, and functionality than the bulkier, crude neons of firearms season. Practicality is a sporty new frontier in fashion world!