Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hocku and Other First Frost Thoughts

by Scott Hall

Hocku (Hah koo), n. short, pithy, whimsical poems about hockey.

The cool Summer had some of us thinking about the possibility of hockey all year round, but September dashed those dreams. However, this last day of September brought enough frost across the northland to break out another season of Hocku. Fore example, here's a new one:

if you text
expect a check.

This fight began when one player took a hard check
while he was texting his girlfriend in the stands.

Here's one beleived to be written by Moose Goheen for the kids in Evelelth around 1917:

if you don't have shin pads
small phone books will do

And the deeply personal and philosophical:

frost on the edge of my nostrils.
if it weren't for friction
we'd all be skaters

Send us your Hocku. Give it a try. It doesn't have to rise to the literary standards of the above classics,

1 comment:

91.7 KAXE said...

True Story Hocku
~from Guido

the puck rises fast
off Rocky Anderson’s stick
where’d my front teeth go?