Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It's New Year's Eve!

By Jennifer Poenix

Today is the last day of fiscal year 2009 at KAXE Tomorrow we begin fiscal year 2010 with a brand new budget.

KAXE's budget is split into different categories for money coming in and going out of the station. The amount of money in the 2009 budget for membership money received is $183,000. So far, we have collected $180,915.43, which means we still need to collect $2,084.57 (as of 9:24 this morning). Pledges are great. Payments are even better.

This money can come from new or renewing pledges. It can even come from previous pledges that are still unpaid. The most important thing is that pledges are fulfilled. The best way to do that today is by credit card, which you can use online, here, or by calling the station at 218-326-1234. If you're in the Grand Rapids area, feel free to stop by our studios to make a payment.

KAXE members are vital to our success. We would not be here without them.

Thank you, and happy new year!

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