Thursday, September 17, 2009

Like a Wildfire - The Brothers Burn Mountain

by Doug MacRostie

Have you ever felt inspired looking over a beautiful natural landscape, maybe with the sun going down and shining in your eyes as it casts shadows all around you? Brothers Ryan and Jesse Dermody feel moments like that constantly and it's what helps them to create the unique and amazing music that is The Brothers Burn Mountain and I am very pleased to have them back for a live in-studio session tonight at 6 on Centerstage MN. Their CD's have layers and textures creating living sound-scape-like music (with a spine) mixed with intimate poems and presentation. Their live performance is Jesse on a scaled-down trap set and Ryan singing and playing acoustic guitar. They let the music flow through them and each song is new and different every time they play it. You can read more about Brothers Burn Mountian in this excellent interview from American Songwriter (by me and Brian Skinness from Terrapin Station in Nevis :D).

I recorded the session with Ryan and Jesse yesterday, and I HAD been thinking about bringing along one of my hand drums and asking if I might be able to play along with them...but I decided I didn't want to impose and left my drum at home. Then, when they arrived, they offered one of their own drums to me and asked if I would play with them during the studio session!!! I didn't want to botch-up the entire performance, but I did pick up a Djembe and play along for the last song of the performance. Then, I was asked to join them for a drum jam, which I'll play to end the show tonight. I'm still walking on cloud 9 after getting to connect with them on a musicial level - the energy from these two is like nothing I've experienced before.

I've also got new music from Mason Jennings, The Pines and Steve Kaul (all upcoming guests on Centerstage MN) and I'll be starting the show with The Limns and Friends of Yoder featuring Timmy Haus.

Here's a video I took during the first set of the Brothers Burn Mountain session - be sure to tune in tonight and enjoy!!!!

Centerstage MN is Thursday evenings at 6, streaming live online at; or 91.7 Grand Rapids, 89.9 Brainerd and 105.3 Bemidji. All interviews are archived at and the show is rebroadcast Sunday mornings at 6.

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