Tuesday, January 19, 2010


by Maddi Frick

Although even I find fault with the plausibility of their spy antics, Chuck on NBC is one of my favorite television shows. Yes, the masses convinced NBC to bring it back after its brief cancellation. The masses agreed that the adorableness of Zachary Levi, the humorous wit of the Buy More (the equivalent of Best Buy complete with a Nerd Herd/ Geek Squad team), and the melodrama of action sequences redeem Chuck’s cheesy factor.

If none of that convinces you to try Chuck, maybe this will; the music on Chuck is the best I’ve heard on any television show. You can hear Bon Iver, Huey Lewis, Flight of the Conchords, Bing Crosby, Lady Gaga, and The Republic Tigers. Last Monday night’s episode featured selections from Spoon’s new album Transference, a day before it released in the North America. With all the new music they use, you’re bound to find someone new to you. For me, it was Malbec, free downloads at their website! Computer geek by day. Government operative by night. Fresh, cheese-free music all the while.

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