Thursday, January 7, 2010

Optical Disc Packaging

by Maddi Frick

I've listened to a lot of CDs since I started my internship. A LOT. And at KAXE, all CDs are kept in their original cases. My problem is navigating the confusing waters of getting the CD out of said cases. The easiest packaging to understand is the jewel case, the original popular plastic cases. However, as record companies are catching onto the environmentally-friendly consumer-product-packaging movement, CDs are getting increasingly hidden in their cases. Each case is different and if you aren't careful when looking for the concealed CD, you run the risk of watching in horror as the CD flies out of a hidden opening when you flip the wrong flap. One should also be attentive to the re-folding of uninhibited four-foot accordion contraption cases. Re-folded incorrectly will undermine the integrity of corners and bends, and will result in four-foot accordion contraption cases disintegrating to multiple squares of cardboard. Just a warning, the music library is great, but don't be too naïve when trespassing through the stacks.

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