Friday, January 29, 2010

Do you know how many times I've heard that this month?

by Maddi Frick

What happens in staff meetings stays in staff meetings. And what happens at pizza parties, volunteer parties, morning show recordings, interview recordings, editing sessions, and the kitchen all stays in their respective places.

A few quotes I cherish from this month:

“Don’t throw scissors.” “I’ve always wanted to be a zamboni driver.” “You can judge someone by how they take a shower.” “That’s so big it could be a radio station on a float.” “What should we do for Heidi’s birthday? - I’m thinking jello wrestling.” “If you don’t know what to play, play polka.” “This is a punk-rock-tex-mex-folk band.” “Do we have any red wine? -We have red wine. -Oh yeah, I forgot, we have a lot of that.”

During the course of the month, my purple notebook and Sharpie pen were attached to my hands. Slowly, but surely, I let my notebook stay in my book bag a few hours longer throughout the day. Among my quick notes of observations are doodles of boots, pianos, bees and a diagram of the angles at which Minnesotans will face each other when talking. Looking back, here are some tidbits of notes I started to write down and forgot when distracted:

“Discovery! KAXE temporary tattoos . . .” “Don’t give John a ham sandwich when he circled turkey three times.” “possible causes for the end of the ice age . . .” “Ze crows of Tokyo, Ze crows of Tokyo” “. . a Minnesota man’s constitutional right to be unemotional . . .”

My month at KAXE couldn’t have been better. I got to pretend the conference room was my office, giving me the biggest desk of anyone at the station. I was let loose in the recording studios, giggling my way through the difficulties of pronouncing “northern,” “turtle,” “casino,” “community,” and the long list of activities available at the Crosslake Winterfest, including human bowling.

I’ll miss you KAXE for the time being, but don’t worry, I’ll be back. Tuesday morning I’ll host On The River from nine to noon, and tune in Thursday to Centerstage MN and you may hear me again. Be ready for some blog postings this spring about the Twin Cities music scene and this summer, I hope to do more music programming.

So I give my thanks to everyone who made my month at KAXE awesome, especially Scott Hall for letting me follow him around all day, and to all the listeners who make this worth doing. THANK YOU!!!!


Maddi Frick


Carolyn King said...

This was a fun read. Thanks, Maddie. You did a great job and we hope you come back!

hc1talmoon said...

Where's the 'like' button? It's been fun having you around Maddi and we're looking forward to having you back. Good luck with school!