Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Center-variety-stage MN...

by Doug MacRostie

...celebrates many styles of music by showcasing the talents of MN musicians, and this week we've got everything from psychedelic rock to a Round Dance from two 1st Nations.

This Thursday night at 6 on Centerstage MN I'll be talking with Rayna Churchill-Mattinas and Pete Gahbow about the Oji-Cree Round Dance Invitational across from Grand Casino Mille Lacs this Fri and Sat, the 5th and 6th. This is the first time in this region that the Ojibwe and Cree nations have come together to celebrate like this. And, it's also the kick-off/fundraiser for their Community Leadership Youth Foundation.

Before that, I'll be talking with Jake Dilley and the Color Pharmacy about their latest "DeTour" EP, a psychedelically-melodic example of Jake's creativity and the way they push their sound and style in many directions. Sometimes soft and thoughtful, other times wild...and thoughtful. The new EP is great...but, I'm still anxiously waiting for another multi-media masterpiece like "Le Balloon Rouge," which was an alternate soundtrack to the French Film The Red Balloon.

There's also a lot of great new CD's around that I hope to get in like Charlie Roth's "Broken Ground" & Sweet Papa Dave's "Evil Gonna Getcha" - a couple St. Cloud area musicians.

Centerstage MN is Thursday evenings at 6, streaming live online at www.KAXE.org; or 91.7 Grand Rapids, 89.9 Brainerd and 105.3 Bemidji. All interviews are archived at www.KAXE.org and the show is rebroadcast Sunday mornings at 6.

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