Wednesday, March 17, 2010

KAXE Recall?!?! Radio Induced Acceleration

The Consumer Safety Division of Northern Community Radio is currently investigating reports of unintended acceleration of all makes and models of vehicles that are tuned into KAXE. "I was cruising along at an even 56mph on my way home from work," said one concerned driver, "when suddenly I was pulled over by a police officer for going 91.7 miles per hour." He went on to say, "I had no idea I was speeding - the music was sooooo good, and it was a song I hadn't heard in 15 years and I guess I just got carried away while singing along. This must be stopped."

Though unavailable for comment, KAXE put out a press release rejecting the notion of a radio station causing speeding tickets. "While it may be true that we play excellent music that you don't hear anywhere else, we feel it is an individuals responsibility to regulate vehicle speed. Over our 34 years of research and listener feedback, we often find that OPPOSITE is true: people will actually drive slower to allow more time to listen to the radio, and that many even sit in their car parked in the driveway to hear the end of the show they're listening to."

Another vehicle was reported to be going 89.9mph in Brainerd and a third going 105.3mph in Bemidji. Stay tuned, we'll have updates as more info is available...

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