Thursday, March 11, 2010

Do you hear what I hear? Sounds: favorites and LEAST favorites

Coming up this Saturday on Between You and Me we're going to be talking about sounds. We are surrounded by sounds every day - alarm clocks, cell phones, Scott Hall's voice, owls, dogs, grinding teeth, crying babies....

These sounds can have a remarkable affect on our moods and behaviors. So what are your favorites? We've heard from folks on facebook and they've told us some of their favorites:
a screen door slamming
tent stakes being pounded into the ground
rain on a tin roof
chorus frogs
whitefish flopping on the ice

and some of their LEAST favorites:
sound through a hotel wall
"Your Body is a Wonderland" by John Mayer
slurping table manners
emergency vehicles
awakening to the sound of batwings

What sounds remind you of something? What sounds do you wish you would NEVER hear again?

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Luomafamily said...

forgot to mention on the air today that when I was in a reading course at Bemidji State, I recorded a variety of sounds like the doorbell, corn popper, kitten meowing etc. plus sounds from T.V. ads (Jello) etc. and in addition to boxes of cereal aimed at children that sit on the table n front of them each day. I had all the items in a large garbage bag and was embarrassed when I saw neat assignments coming in like banded recipe cards. The instructor teased had I brought in my garbage so I wasn't feeling good about m work. My idea was that children have to learn sounds in their environment before they learn sounds of letters and words to read. Well, class came and the teacher said she had someone to present. She handed me my bag and A+ assignment! She said there were studies about exactly that. I was proud and thought of the idea for parents struggling to help their own children learn to read.
One other thought was recently I heard the study that babies mimic
their parents speech patterns to better communicate their crying. Different countries/areas have babies crying in different rhythms/patterns. Not surprising but interesting to think about. Mothers all know their own baby's cry maybe that's why.