Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Now Hear This! Recnt Audio Highlights from KAXE

There is always a million and one things going around the KAXE Studios. Whether it's author interviews, musical performances, local history and food, or any other piece - you can hear it again in our Online Archives (listed below). Here are some recent examples:

The Chippewa National Forest
A Talk on the Wild Side with Tom Hewitt on the Chippewa National Forest. Tom is a botonist and talked about invasive species like Garil Mustard and Spotted Knapweed. Get more nature news on The Phenology page.
Venison for Veterans
Retired local-butcher Earl Burnson on venison processing and the work he does to help families send a taste of home to friends and relatives serving in the Military. Get more stories on our Local Food page.

Remembering Chief Busticogan
Bill Marshall, local historian, remembers Chief Busticogan and other people and events in North Itasca County/Minnesota history. More stories at Our History page.
Aaron Brown on Being Stranded
When we think of being stranded, we often picture some remote island...but what about in everyday situations? Get more contributions and stories at the Between You and Me page.

Guido on Being Stranded
Guido has been stranded multiple times and says you haven't REALLY been stranded until you're in a place where you can't speak the language.. Get more contributions and stories at the Between You and Me page.

Jake Dilley and the Color Pharmacy
We talk with Jake Dilley of Jake Dilley and the Color Pharmacy about their new psychedelic/indie EP "DeTour." Here more interviews with MN musicians on the Centerstage MN page.

What's for Breakfast with Jessa in Brainerd
We talk with KAXE Member Jessa Hastings in a vehicle near Brainerd (she had a bowl of yogurt with granola before she left...).
Get to know more members better on our What's For Breakast page.

Dwayne Raymond talks about his new book, "Mornings With Mailer: Recollections of Friendship," which gives readers a glimpse into the personal side of writer Norman Mailer. More author interviews on the RealGoodWords page.

Oji-Cree Round Dance Invitational
We talked with Rayna Churchill-Mattinas and Pete Gahbow about the Oji-Cree Round Dance Invitational in Onamia this weekend in Onamia– the first time the Ojibwe and Cree Nations have come together for this celebration ceremony.
Becoming an Outdoors Woman
Heidi Holtan talked with Kristina Clark and Carrie Thornvig about a Women's Weekend they went to that was put on by the DNR. Get more nature news on The Phenology page.
The Oneida Nation's Contribution to Valley Forge
Cass Lake author, Greg Chester, likes digging for stories that are often lost in the telling of our history. His new book, "The Oneida Nation's Contributions at Valley Forge", tells how the Oneida nation, based in what is now upstate New York, came to the rescue of George Washington and the Continental Army during the difficult winter of 1777-78. More stories on Our History.
In the Nigaane Language Program at the Bug-O-Nay- Ge-Shig School near Bena, elementary students learn to speak the language of their ancestors. They are immersed in speaking and reading Ojibwe. In this short conversation we meet 9 year old, Mitikamizi. He is interviewed by his mom, Saagajiwe, who is also the director of the Nigaane Program. More on our Ojibwemowin page.

Regularly archived programs:

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