Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Big Belching Bog

You'll often hear John Latimer talk about the wonders of bogs on KAXE's Phenology Show on Tuesday mornings.... he talks about the flora and fauna that you can find there.

There's a new book out for kids about the ecosystem of a bog - it's called "Big Belching Bog".  Phyllis Root is the author and Betsy Bowen does her amazing woodcut illustrations.  Inside you'll find things like "If you come to the big bog go slowly (you can't hurry a bog) and listen."

We've got copies of this vibrant book available if you pledge your support to KAXE at $10/month $120/year....218-326-1234 or 800-662-5799.  You can pledge online too!!!

Thanks to the University of Minnesota Press for their generous contribution of books!

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