Monday, October 25, 2010

Goal Reached and Fears Overcome

During the "There's Nothing to be Scared of" fall fundraiser at KAXE we heard from 364 new/renewing members for $45,120, reaching our goal in the last hour of the pledge drive on Friday night. Going into the last day we had almost $12,000 to go. Northern Community Radio General Manager Maggie Montgomery said, "It was a squeaker for sure. I don't think we've ever had that big of a last day before, ever. People in the community came through again and I hope that means we're doing a good job for them."

Breaking the mold of a typical public radio fundraiser, KAXE uses themes and radio theater to give the pledge drive an edge of entertainment, and this year included DJs getting pulled out of windows by zombies and a horde hidden underneath the studio. As the final pledges came in, all was resolved when the zombies were hauled by truck over to Bemidji for the Lazarus film shoot and KBXE Zombie Crawl. After that the zombie horde was, "not our problem" :)

Listener's once again made our fundraiser successful - and people just like you have been our largest source of funding for almost 35 years of independent community radio in Northern MN. If you missed the pledge drive, you can still show your support by becoming a member now by calling 218-326-1234, 800-662-5799 or pledge online.

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