Friday, October 22, 2010

It's GO TIME!!!

Already today we've heard from Deer River, Tower, Grand Rapids, Breezy Point, Swan River, Meadowlands, Pine River, Bemidji, Chisholm, Morton, Memphis, TN, DeKalb, IL, and many other places all over Minnesota and beyond - and we need to hear from YOU right NOW with your support for independent local radio: 218-326-1234, 800-662-5799, or pledge online.

This is the last day of our fall fundraiser, "There's Nothing to be Scared Of." We are in the final stretch, making the final push, working to make our budget for the next year. Listener support is our single largest source of funding, and no matter draws you to KAXE and has you listening, you need to look at your budget and pledge what you can afford. There is strength in lots of people doing what they can - it's worked for nearly 35 years - be a part of Northern Community Radio today!

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