Friday, October 29, 2010

Bring Back the... ?????????

This week on Between You and Me we want to BRING BACK!

We'll talk with author Lesley M. Blume, Style Editor with the Huffington Post, about her new book "Let's Bring Back," it's an encyclopedia of forgotten things like paper dolls and calling cards and wax lips and words like persnickety and corny.

What do you wish they'd bring back? Remember Fat Rascals? How about Three Martini Lunches? How about Midnight Suppers? BRING IT BACK!

Remember Jacks? Doug MacRostie and his mom had talked about Jacks a few years ago - and both wondered if you could find them anymore. After searching Doug found some to give her as a gift. When he did, that little plastic box worth less than $5.27 was one of the sweetest gifts ever.

What do you think they should bring back?

How about Handlebar Mustaches on bartenders? We NEED those back for sure!

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