Monday, October 18, 2010

Childhood Fears: There's Nothing to be Scared Of

This is a big, important day for our fall fundraiser, There's Nothing to be Scared Of. We had an excellent opening day/weekend and need to build the momentum up for the last 5 days. Listener support is our single largest source of funding, and it's small contributions from people just like you that make community radio/media possible.

We're talking about childhood fears today, and one of Scott Hall's came true during the Morning Show today.

As a child, Scott worried about hitting his shins. It scared the hell out of him. And twice, TWICE, this morning, he walked into the stage that is still set up from the Karen Savoca and Pete Heitzman concert last Friday. Not only is he working hard on local news and announcements, but he's battling himself both physically and emotionally [see photo].

What did you fear as a child? Is it something you overcame, or is it still with you? Do you look back and laugh, or cry? Leave a comment and let us know, or email

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