Wednesday, February 11, 2009

KAXE, May I Take Your Pledge?

By Jennifer Poenix

91.7 KAXE is holding its Spring Fundraiser from February 23-March 6. You can call it the Winter Fundraiser if you want, since it won't really be spring. In fact, our theme is "Stay Warm."

We chose this theme because it may be cold, but also because it's a greeting that conveys care and support among people. It's going to be hot, hot, hot! (Get used to the heat puns.)

KAXE's fundraisers are a great time, but we can't pull them off without help from volunteers. We need folks to answer phones and take pledges during the evening hours and over the weekend (that would be Saturday, February 28 and Sunday, March 1st).

It's an easy job, but it's so important to our success. If someone calls to make a pledge and the phone just rings, what are the chances that that person's going to call back? Plus, you can even hit the gong when we get a pledge!

If you are interested, please call KAXE to sign up for a shift, or you can send me an e-mail: Shifts are typically three hours, but if you want to cover just an hour, we'd be happy to have you.


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