Wednesday, February 25, 2009

On-Air Listening Party: Float Away with the Red Balloon

by Doug MacRostie

This week on Centerstage MN (Thursday Evenings at 6 on 91.7 KAXE) I'll feature Jake Dilley and the Color Pharmacy present The Red Balloon - a very engaging album that was written as an alternate soundtrack to the 1957 French film "The Red Balloon." Jake Dilley will join me to talk about how he got into writing music for films (there's more to it than just watching The Wizard of Oz synced with Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon...but I'm sure that helped), and he'll guide us through the musicial journey that is the Red Balloon as we listen to it in its entirity.

The Red Balloon, as an album, is an outstanding piece of work, and the CD includes not only the music, but you can put it in your computer and watch the film and listen to the music. Jake sent me some copies to give away during Centerstage MN to anyone who pledges their support (hint hint!) - it even comes in a RED BALLOON!!!!

Jake's senior thesis in college was an alternate soundtrack to a segment of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (which I think is the coolest thesis project I've ever heard of...) and before that he fronted the Jake Dilley band which played throughout the midwest. When I first listened to the CD, I had NO IDEA there was a visual aspect to it - and it blew me away and I wanted to play it all on Centerstage MN. As the weeks progressed and I learned more about Jake Dilley and The Red Balloon, I knew I had to play the whole thing on the air, and I am very excited to have Jake Dilley on Centerstage MN this week.

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