Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Stay Warm Fundraiser

By Jennifer Poenix

It's been a busy morning at KAXE. It's Day 3 of the "Stay Warm" fundraiser. So far today, we've heard from 84 new and renewing members for a total of $11,630. Wow!

Our goal is to get to 400 pledges and $50,000 by 1opm on Friday, March 6.

It's so great when folks call up or pledge online, but I'd also like to acknowledge all the mail-in renewals we get too. We don't count them in our official fundraiser total, but they're just as appreciated.

However you want to do it, the most important thing to do is pledge. We can't stress it enough: KAXE's largest source of funding is our listener members.

Thank you!

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