Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Nature-Inspired Spontaneus Musicial Creations that Rock (get it? Rock?)

by Doug MacRostie

Ryan and Jesse Dermody of The Brothers Burn Mountain will talk with me this week on Centerstage MN about their latest release "Wild Cat Road." Poetically and sonically reflecting the images and sounds of nature through spontaneous music creation, The Brothers Burn Mountain is like old Moody Blues back around "On the Threshold of Dream" but in a new form from two brothers pushing their songwriting boundaries. The music is creative with thoughtful lyrics and a fresh experimental presenation, and I am looking forward to the conversation with Ryan and Jesse.

Also, I''l be playing a new, previously unreleased song from Bob Dylan's upcoming album "Together Through Life" due out April 28th. From there, new music from Bob Mould (you know, the guy who helped define punk music in the late 70's w/ Hüsker Dü...yeah, before I was born), his new CD is called "Life and Times." And since we are playing some of the MN greats, might as well go ahead put on a song from the new Peter Himmelman album "The Mystery and the Hum" (remember, he played guitar with reggae/calypso band Shangoya and then performed under the pseudonym Sussman Lawrence...some of which also was before I was born :D).

A couple upcoming highlights: I will be having Rich Mattson and Tony Derrick of The Tisdales to talk about their debut release "Bakers Dozen" coming up in May. I don't know what to call it other than a kickass rock album and that is going to be a lot of fun having them on to talk about it. Also, pop-rock band Take Cover are planning to come in for a live acoustic set in June as they gear up to release a new album. Very cool.

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