Tuesday, January 27, 2009

3 Good Reasons to Listen to Centerstage MN this Thursday Evening at 6!!!

by Doug MacRostie

First off an Escher Update (if you missed it, my son Escher Lennon MacRostie was born on January 9th of 2009 – and its been awesomely amazing :D). Escher has been doing very well; he is almost within the length requirements to hang out with Dad in the bjorn (I CAN’T WAIT – the first trial run is tonight!) and says to tell all of you thanks for the well wishes! While the love and excitement at home right now can’t be matched, here are 3 things I’m excited about for Centerstage MN this Thursday evening at 6 on 91.7 KAXE.

I’ll be talking with Lehto and Wright – I’ve been describing them as a progressive celtic folk-rock (or procefikork) – anyway, they’ll be performing at the Reif Center in Grand Rapids this Friday, I’m thinking about sneaking out and going to the show, from what I have listened to, I expect some quality entertainment (if I go, I’ll blog about it – if I don’t, it’s because Escher wanted to hang out :D).

I have to say that the biggest surprise I had last week wasn’t being offered the call from Lehto and Wright, but the CD Revolution Evolution from Kritical Kontact! I had no idea there was a rap/hip-hop artist of this caliber out of Duluth – plenty of authentic American sounds with contemporary twists like Charlie Parr and Trampled by Turtles, a metal core/screamo underbelly, jam bands, cover bands and all sorts out of Duluth, but Kritical Kontact are all out, balls to the walls rapping poets; socially conscious lyrics over wonderfully thumpin’ backbeats. What makes this professional album even more fun is that hip-hoppin’ songs can have a lot more words - leading to some very interesting kontent. I’ll be playing songs each week from KK’s Revolution Evolution on Centerstage MN, so tune in Thursday nights at 6!!! The best thing is they sent a (hand labeled) CD with radio friendly versions of the songs (damn FCC…but thanks!).

And, a request came in for Clawtroat (formerly Cpt. Clawthroat and Crooked Teeth). From Grand Rapids, operating out of the Twin Cities, Joseph Downing is the singer, guitarist and songwriter, and these guys got to perform at the Winnipeg Folk Festival last year, and it was great seeing Joe there.

All that and more this week on Centerstage MN.

Thanks for reading along and ROCK ON!!!

P.S. Things I have to do: Two Many Banjos live, Trampled by Turtles’ “Duluth” and The Tisdales’ “Bakers Dozen” :D

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