Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Making Sausage

by Scott Hall

Thursday mornings, at 7:20, Colleen Nardone (DFL) and Chuck Marohn (Rep) comment on issues and events about Minnesota politics.
I'm re-reading Betty Wilson's biography of Rudy Perpich to try to get a little perspective on these uncertain times. Rudy was elected governor in 1982 when the state and national economy was in bad shape. The DFL and Republican parties were in turmoil and changing leadership. Republicans were rising, Democrats sinking. During his years in political exile (1979-1982) Rudy worked in Europe for Control Data Corporation. When he returned to Minnesota he had a vision that anticipated a global economy and the importance of education (he wanted MN to become "the Brain Power State").
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Chuck is the President of the Community Growth Institute in Brainerd. He works with a lot of local governments on a variety of planning and zoning issues. Chuck writes a blog for his business web site. Check out one of his latest posts, "Is More Regulation Always The Answer"

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