Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Spring Cleaning

By Jennifer Poenix

“If you do your Spring cleaning in January; guess what you don't have to do in the spring? Anything.” – Michael Scott on the tv show The Office

We took the Christmas tree down at KAXE on Tuesday. It’s always nice to have a tree up, but it always feels really good to take it down too. There’s still an extension cord hanging down from the skylight, but let’s not dwell on that.

Stephanie and I marked all the tubs containing decorations, so next year, we’ll know exactly what’s in them. One of them says “Extra garland. Do not bring upstairs!!” We keep most of the Christmas stuff in our crawlspace. The nine-foot tree, however, doesn’t go down there very well. It’s in a big, long box.

Our storage room was waaaaaaaaaaay too cluttered to put it in there, so that meant we had to do a bit of tidying. (See photo at left.)

We didn't get the room super clean, but we did make some improvement. (See photo at right.)

Most importantly we put away the tree. We taped up the box, so we could stand it on end. “Hold tight, little tape,” Stephanie said.

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