Thursday, January 22, 2009

Early Bird Fishing Guide with Jeff, Keith, Chad & Scott

This morning the fishing talk was about the conditions on the lake (lots of slush and difficult conditions in Itasca County and Red Lake with better conditions in the Brainerd Lakes Area) for ice fishing.... but it also became a talk about fishing in Alaska. Today's guest was Keith Holtan, owner and guide for Beaver Creek Cabins and Guide Service in Kenai, Alaska. Keith, and his wife Jane, spend their summers in Alaska and winters in Brainerd.

Jeff Sundin
asked alot about the fishing in Alaska, including Keith's advice for if you had a week to fish in Alaska, where you would go. Keith talked about the trips he used to take with his dad before he was a fishing guide, where they would fly into Anchorage, rent a car and drive to Homer, Alaska for Halibut fishing, then three days in the Kenai/Soldotna area for King or silver salmon fishing and finally a few days in Seward, Alaska. Jeff also asked Keith his favorite time of year for fishing, and Keith said the end of August, when the silvers are in.....

Have you been to Alaska? What was your favorite part?

How's fishing this year where you are? Post your comments here!

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That is an awesome, awesome sized fish. My oh, my. Did Keith catch it? Or did his son?

My husband recently returned from a King Salmon fishing trip and asked me to entertain his buddies using his recent catch. Any ideas for a really good salmon dinner that is easy to prepare?

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