Tuesday, January 13, 2009

This morning's All Things Equine

This morning KAXE volunteer extraordinaire Bobbie Kleffman talked with the Spirit Horse Center in Brainerd.

We got this email from Katie this morning:
My sister, who is a serious horsewoman, listens to "All Things Equine"via her computer in North Platte, Nebraska. She just called me and told me about the Spirit Horse Center, Inc. in Brainerd that was on the Morning Show today.

Kristi couldn't stop talking about what
great horsewomen they were and couldn't stop talking about the wonderful things they do with their horses. Kristi is incredibly serious about her horses and seemed really excited about this morning's show.

I'm going to take my daughter over to the Spirit Horse Center open house on

see - people are definitely listening to our little station on the river
all over this great country!

Thanks for sharing Katie! We love to hear feedback on KAXE.... email us comments@kaxe.org.

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