Wednesday, April 8, 2009

5 new things on Northern Community Internet

What's New on Northern Community Internet.Org


1. There are TWO new stories at Brainerd Community this week – Kari Frisch writes a story about the effect of the economy on the Sharing Bread Soup kitchen in Brainerd and Jenny Gunsbury has a story on how the Brainerd school district is dealing with uncertain state funding.

2. On Eveleth Community, next week's Mesabi Range College Techfest is highlighted on the Eveleth Horizon's blog.

3. There is a new classified ad posted on GrandRapids Community selling heritage chicks. “Purebred...cold hardy, excellent foragers, good brown egg production all winter long. Our oldest American breed, the Dominique traveled west over the prairies with the settlers...”

4. Robby Robinson has a story on the Bemidji Community site about Bemidji's homeless community.

5. A new blog has been added to Northern Community called “Squaw Lake News”. Do you write a blog or follow local blogs? Add them to our site!

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