Friday, April 24, 2009

the controversy of SPELLING continues at KAXE

It started innocently enough - one KAXE-r said "people love to spell let's start a show" - another KAXE-r said "you're nuts! no one wants to spell!"

And so "May We Have A Word With You" began. Each Friday morning right before 9 the world is invited to join John Bauer and Heidi Holtan for 3 words to spell. You get 2 out of 3 right, WELL, gloating rights are yours for the weekend.

But lately, it's harder and harder to get phone calls. "Like pulling frikken teeth" one of the hosts might say.

So today, we suggested, JUST suggested, that maybe MAY WE HAVE A WORD WITH YOU might be canned. Did I say we? I meant John Bauer said it. Not me.

We were deluged with responses. Here are a couple of anonymous ones:

"The hosts comments about spelling were really insensitive, negative commentary."


"Maybe in fairness to the listeners you could modify the program once in a while, say during fundraiser. Try a reverse format where callers get to ask you or John to spell."


"I will call every week under a fake name just to keep May We Have a Word with You on the air!!!"

Is spelling losing it's luster?


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Gord said...

Heidi and John, The Friday show has a variety that keeps us tuned in. Dr. Michael Fox, Mom of Pop, What's for Breakfast? and naturally, with the Real Good Words Lady, we will learn some Spelling. So far the show hasn't had to use 7-second delay or BLEEPING for John. Stayed tuned... Keep spelling! -Gord