Thursday, April 2, 2009

What Does Health Insurance Cost?

So, what would it cost for a 25 year old person to get health insurance in Minnesota?

Well, that kinda depends on what you are willing to accept as a deductible. For example, this 25 year old living in Grand Rapids could get coverage from Blue Cross for $60/month. But, that comes with a FIFTEEN THOUSAND DOLLAR ($15,000) annual deductible. Bring that deductible down to $5,000 and the monthly cost is about $120 (source: eSurance).

The cost of insurance is higher for a 50 year old. The same policies would cost about $123 for a policy featuring a $15,000 deductible, and about $250/month with a $5,000 deductible.

Remember, that deductive means that you also pay 100% of your annual health care costs up to the deductible amount.

Chad Haatvedt gave us permission to post his health insurance cost from his benefit package as a State of Minnesota employee. Family coverage costs about $650/month. This includes a employee contribution of $65 and the State pays about $590 of the cost.

What do you pay for health insurance? How is your coverage. Let us know.

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