Friday, April 10, 2009

Bridges and Food

By Stephanie Rose

When I got to work at KAXE this morning I proceeded directly to the kitchen without stopping at my desk. That’s not unusual. The unusual part was the best breakfast EVER.

There were fancy places set at the table for Jennifer and me with walleye cakes with chardonnay-dill cream sauce, Jamaican Jerk pork kabobs with pineapple, tri-colored peppers, and red onions, and salmon-corn chowder [the salmon was in huge chunks, fresh-never-frozen, and in Jennifer’s words, “didn’t even taste like fish”]! Everything was conceived and prepared lovingly by TimberLake Lodge Chef Andy Faltynek, who was here with PR director Lauri Gomez to discuss the menu, the facility and its upcoming fundraiser, Taste of Itasca, which benefits Bridges Kinship Mentoring.

Bridges Kinship Mentoring is a non-profit in Itasca County that connects an adult friend with a long-term commitment to provide friendship, guidance and support to a youth. Through positive mentoring relationships, the youth will often overcome the difficulties they face and become successful, productive adults. This is definitely worth your support.

On a personal note, I had lunch with a second grader at Murphy School on Tuesday through another of Bridges’ programs, Lunch Buddies. She politely ate all of her lunch and washed her hands … and then she beat me at a game of Hang Man after lunch! My conclusion: Bridges Kinship Mentoring makes kids smarter than Stephanie Rose. Again, definitely worth your support.

Go to this event. Tickets are just $30, and you should hurry, because they’re only selling 200. It’s Tuesday, April 28, starting at 5:30 at the TimberLake Lodge in Grand Rapids. That brilliant and talented Andy Faltynek will be there, along with samplings from 16 other restaurants, wine and beer tasting, and a live auction. Call 326.4700 or stop at Reed Drug in Grand Rapids for tickets. I’ll see you there.

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