Thursday, April 9, 2009

Misquotes and Mayhem Tonight on Centerstage MN

by Doug MacRostie

With a Pick 3 MN Favorites from MN music legend Rich Mattson, this week is more music and less talking on Centerstage MN, and even so - there is still a lot more music I want to play than I've got time for (but don't feel bad, I'll be joined by Pat Deal from Grand Rapids in studio for some live music and conversation next week :D).

I'll be starting off w/ Prince - his latest 3 CD release includes "MPLSOUND," and with his trademark mix of funk and rock, he is ready to kick off a new revolution out of Minneapolis. He's got plenty of sexy party songs (as you'd expect), but I'm drawn to the groovy and topical "Ol' Skool Company," which sings, "...everybody talking about white-collar crime like it just started yesterday...but people I know, they've been strugglin', at least it seems that way...fat cats on wall street get a bailout while everybody else has to wait....700 billion but in my old neighborhood ain't nothin' changed but the date..."* Of course, there is a lot more to this 7+ minute song than digs @ investment bankers, but my ears seemed to pick up on the word "bailout" pretty easy these days. I'll follow Prince with neo-soul/R&B artist Janey and hip-hip/electronic artist Prophis - both of which will follow the revolution well.

Also, I've got a very unique interpretation of The Beegees' "How Deep is Your Love" from The Bad Plus's latest release For All I Care which has Wendy Lewis joining them on vocals and is just an outstanding album of jazz interpretations of everything from Nirvana to Pink Floyd to Heart. AND, be suer to tell that Dylan freak in your family that I've got another NEW Dylan song from his forthcoming release "Together Through Life."

I'll also be featuring:
Hattie Peterson - she has withdrawn from the MN music scene but we I'll still play her music
The Honeydogs - back to a more rockin' sound with "Sunshine Committee"
Sick of Sarah - 5 ladies from Minneapolis taking indie pop-rock by storm
Take Cover - Rock poppers from Minneapolis/Marcell (North School represent!) :D

Some of the stuff that DIDN'T make it this week, but will soon, is a new recording from Greg and Kiki of Dancing Light, a new album from Bill & Kate Isles called "Matching Baggage" (which Bill came in and gave to me in person yesterday :D) Also, The Ophovens, a family band from the Grand Rapids area who's new CD "I Want to be Ready" was also dropped off yesterday and I think it'll sound good with Charlie Parr. And Two Many Banjos, The Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank, Matt Hoskins and Timmy Haus are due for some airtime...and...and...and...

Centerstage MN is every Thursday evening and Sunday morning at 6, streaming live on, or 91.7 in Grand Rapids, 89.9 in Brainerd and 105.3 in Bemidji. You can hear archived interviews at (and click on Centerstage MN on the left).

I hope you can tune in and enjoy, it's like Prince says, "The White House is black...we've got to take the radio back! Power to the people..."*

Rock on,

* Prince quotes might be entirely wrong, as I don't have a lyric sheet and I can't find them online :p

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