Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I Am SOOO Not Sick of Sarah

by Doug MacRostie

This week on Centerstage MN my guests are Abisha Uhl and Jamie Holm, 2 of the 5 ladies that are Sick of Sarah, an indie rock band out of Minneapolis. Their self-titled debut CD drives down the Rock highway with Pop dragging behind. Some of the songs like "Breakdown" seem to make it impossible to drive the speed limit, while a song like the acoustic "Fall" slows down, opens up and shows a totally different side. They've got catchy melodies, beautiful harmonies and enough attitude for that edgy feel. I am very excited to have Abisha and Jamie on this week!!!

I am also totally pumped because I have some brand-spanking-new CDs to share. Like the new Clawthroat EP "Know Yr Roots." Singer, guitarist and songwriter Joseph Downing joined me last year when they landed a gig at the Winnipeg Folk Fest w/ their demo relase. The demo was great, but the EP has some new songs and new recordings of a couple songs from the demo. Clawthroat's style is hard to describe, sort of a roots folk-rock/americana; like they've taken an old style and modernized it. I plan to have Joseph on to talk about it soon :D

And I'll be playing the new Two Many Banjos CD "Can't Slow Me Down." This is their 4th CD in 2 years and Marc Gartman's songwriting is in full stride with this one! I really enjoy Marc's work (he's been on before about previous TMB CDs, and the Marc Gartband) and once again I have been pleasently surprised. Two Many Banjos continue to push folk/bluegrass boundaries to their limits and I am also planning to get Marc back on to talk about it. Oh, and I hear they are already working on album #5, and expect to release it before the year is out...so yeah, they really can't be slowed down.

And I'll try calling Dylan's cell number again. After finding the # on my desk last week, I ended up leaving Bob a message. Maybe I'll actually reach him this time...

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