Monday, June 21, 2010

Don't Come To Your Senses in a Hospital Bed

by KAXE Volunteer Rev Dave,

If the Mayans are right, the world is going to change drastically in 2012. All the signs point to upheaval, change, and possibly the end of caramel latte's. In a world like this you don't want to be alone against the legions of mediocrity that have banded together like rats and taken over all malls and manicure shops. You need to "Come to your Senses!" and join the voice of freedom known as KAXE.

OK, OK, maybe a little heavy on the gloom and doom. I'll try this again...

KAXE is the sound that touches my heart, makes me see blue skies, and smell the memory of pine trees.

OK, that's a bad greeting card, or an anti-depressant commercial.

Damn, this is tougher than I thought.... All I'm supposed to do is write some little toss off about why people should support the great institution of KAXE. There's so many great programs, there are so many great people, KAXE is so many things to so many people, and weaves it's family into a fabric that covers the world. This should be easy.

But all I can think is, support KAXE or when you come to your senses you'll be in a hospital bed.

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