Tuesday, June 29, 2010

KAXE's Record Setting Summer Fundraiser

by Doug MacRostie

Success!!! With 208 new/renewing members we raised over $24,500 for independent community radio. Thanks to everyone who pledged to KAXE, and thanks to all the volunteers who came in to play music, make food, answer phones, make food, offer services and make food :D This is big news for 2 reasons. 1) This is the largest dollar amount we've ever raised during a summer fundraiser. 2) This is a notable rebound in new membership (though not the highest ever).

Why #1 is important is pretty obvious - we set a goal to reach our operations budget for this fiscal year: $23,977. We raised $24,564 - this is almost $5,000 more than we raised last summer! w00t! With all the financial craziness the last couple years (both globally and locally) a record setting fundraiser represents strong support for Northern Community Radio.

Here's why #2 is important. In the last year we shorted our normally 2-week long Fall and Spring fundraisers to just 1 week, which worked very well overall, but we noticed a slow decline in new members - the money was coming in (about) the same, but it was larger amounts from fewer people. 97 new members this fundraiser is roughly a 25% increase over last summer (and the 4th highest overall). "New members are the most important reason we do on-air fundraisers... it's the only reason," said Maggie Montgomery, "We can find existing members and lapsed members, we know them. Fundraisers reach new people. New members are the lifeblood of the station." And this summer, the lifeblood is pumping strong :)

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