Friday, June 18, 2010

Ultimato: Blogging vs Dishes

by Guido

At the KAXE staff meeting today (6.17.10) Maggie Montgomery laid down the law: anyone who doesn't maintain a blog will be assigned the (in Maggie's mind) commensurate duty of kitchen clean-up after the regular Thursday morning meetings. A surrogate pounded the table for Maggie, with implications for consequences; i.e., who's going to enforce her ultimato?

I'm an old hand at the kitchen sink. Indeed, I've done more than a few dishes here in my short time as a KAXE quasi-staffer. I'm not doing this to prevent dishwater hands. My first goal is to simply test the whole system (electronic, administrative, punitive).

I do have important things to say. Truly, I say only important things. Think of this as a shot across the bow. Now that I have everyone's attention, depend upon it: this changes everything.

Maggie: be careful what you mandate.

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Deborah said...

I only wash important dishes