Thursday, June 24, 2010

KAXE...The Rebel You Can't Live Without

by Kathryn Lavelle

So here’s the deal. There’s regular radio…and there’s KAXE. Both can be necessary assets for any community. Regular radio is good…can even be great sometimes. Regular radio is like that football player that you had a HUGE crush on in high school. You thought he moved with the grace of a panther, remember? His hair was like the golden wheat in that crazy farmer’s field next to the high school…waving slowly in the golden bronze of the sun.

But then you also begin to remember how that particular, hunky football player would ignore you because you weren’t one of the cool kids. You weren’t a conformist…you were were unique…and he was just too damn focused on being popular to see your potential. He never even took the time to notice or appreciate your creative nature or eccentric personality.

Then enters KAXE, walking through the lunchroom with his tousled hair and black glasses. Kind of shy…kind of good looking in an I-don’t-care-what-I-wear sort of way…extremely intelligent…aloof…a rebel. He saw you for what you were right away…someone worth getting to know. Someone with substance and heart and beauty. He wrote you poetry and read it to you in the rain.

He had long conversations with you about environmental issues, politics and music…and not just the same ole same ole kind of tunes…but MUSIC…weaving its unique sound and eclectic patterns like rainbow trout swimming through a cool, fast running stream. He was the one who listened to your crazy conspiracy theories and never laughed…not once! He assured you that you would always be special to him…that he would always take the time to appreciate you…and he would never sell out so he could be popular.

There’s definitely a place in our lives for regular radio…as well as the sometimes fond…sometimes not so fond memories of the popular kids…the football players…the cheerleaders. High school wouldn’t have been the same without them. But…it would have been mighty boring without those eclectic rebels thrown in there. KAXE is the eclectic rebel we can’t live without. It is important to have that constant in our lives…the public radio station that will continue to amaze, comfort and challenge us. That will bring us the news we may not want to hear…but NEED to hear. That will educate our ears, heart and soul with unfamiliar music that captures and captivates us.

So again…it is time for us to support KAXE…the rebel we can’t live without!!!

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i would date KAXE