Friday, June 4, 2010

Engineer's Log: Streaming Fixed. (Again.)

by Dan Houg

For those that listen to us via the 91.7 KAXE web stream, you may have experienced sporadic connection quality. I tried several approaches to resolving this and things greatly improved but we still experienced occasional lockups. In an effort to provide the most reliable streaming audio possible, we have installed a dedicated streaming appliance that does not use a Windows based PC. This should permanently fix our stream connection issues but the solution cost us over $400 for the hardware. Our pledge drive is coming up in June and this would be a perfect time the online listeners to express appreciation with the renewal of your membership or actually become a member!

Technically, we have installed the Barix Instreamer. A dedicated appliance about the size of a package of cream cheese, it uses a Linux kernal coded into non-volatile memory and does the job simply and well with no moving parts, fans, or Microsoft.

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Alex Hartman said...

Pesky Microsoft always getting in the way... :/