Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Why KAXE? The Space In Between

by Deborah A Davis

There are a lot of things in Minnesota that are delightful. It's hard not to be reminded of them at this time of year. Just a couple of weeks ago the delicate yellow Moccasins were in bloom; now we've got the shocking pink and white of the Ladyslipper. We're lucky to live here, whether by choice or chance. The world outside fills our senses with its bloom, bird song and beauty. But what of the space in between? If the rush of whitecap stills your mind at the lake, what stills your mind in the mad dash to work in the mornings, the rush to the grocery store in the evening? There's only one radio station that I know that can brush up against the surprise and delight of natures wonder. Can any other station match KAXE's choice in music to sooth the soul, the savageness of the world we walk in every day?

Just this month you may have enjoyed Keri Noble, Eilen Jewell, Mayda. You could have adventured into the Dark Night of the Soul with Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse. KAXE listeners let their minds wander and rest, delight and dance with Wilder Embry, Janiva Magness and Bemidji's Pelican Railroad. We remembered the folksy roots of Dylan with Amy Correia, a shoot of that root herself.

And music isn't the only exploding of sensory bloom KAXE has given us this summer. We're kept vitally alive with LIVE PERFORMANCES and interviews, not only with with music makers but with local artists, activists and other world changers. KAXE touches us with local folk too. Heck, we might find out what the guy down the road had for breakfast. And we know the vital news of the world from a perspective that few are brave enough to tell.

Maybe they've made it too easy... If you want to see the rare and exotic Ladyslipper you have to hike, sometimes miles, into the woods. If you want to smell the scent of the pine in the rain you're gonna get wet. But when you want to be equally enriched by KAXE all you have to do is turn on the dial and listen. When you need that blank and frenzied space inbetween to be filled with wonder, you just push a button.You know, maybe you could go the extra mile; preserve your senses wherever you are. Pledge what you can today to be renewed, informed and delighted, and guarantee KAXE will be there when you need them. And you will need them. Winter is just an Autumn away.

Deborah A Davis
Bemidji MN

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