Friday, November 12, 2010

105.3 KAXE Hopefuly Back On the Air on Monday

We hope to get 105.3 KAXE in Bemidji back on the air Monday - that's assuming the weather holds and all the parts have arrived. Thanks to everyone for your patience! If you are able to help us pay some of the expenses to find a new tower location and reinstall the translator you can pledge using the options below, or call us at 218-326-1234...

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105.3 FM:

The tower holding our Bemidji translator blew down in the wind storm the other week. The tower, which was on the Bemidji Federal Building, didn't belong to KAXE and our equipment hanging on the tower was saved. We are making every effort to get 105.3 in Bemijdi back on the air as soon as we can.

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