Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Load Up Your MP3 Player!

by Doug MacRostie

Let's give thanks for good listening! Here is what is currently in our Audio Highlight box at KAXE.org. We've got a fun, intimate conversation with 3 Time State Fiddle Champion Mary LaPlant, harvesting tips from Organic Farmer of the Year John Fisher-Merrit, and the story of MN's 1st Volunteer Regiment at the battle of Gettysburg. From remembering conservation leader Wes Libbey to the Sexy Book of Sexy Sex, there's something for everyone. You can click on them to listen on your computer, or "right click" and "save as" to download the files and then load them onto your mp3 player, burn to a CD, or whatever. Enjoy!

Bill Berg and Randy McCarty remember conservation leader, Wes Libbey, who died in November at age 101. Get more nature news on the Phenology Page.

The Sexy Book of Sexy Sex
Do you watch the Daily Show? Daily Show writers Kristen Schaal and Rich Blomquist talked with Heidi on Realgoodwords about their latest venture, “The Sexy Book of Sexy Sex”. Check out more author interviews on the RealGoodArchive.

Mary LaPlant, Welcome Back to Centerstage MN
I could sit and talk with Mary LaPlant all day; she's one of those positive people that is just fun to be around. Classically trained on the violin, Mary is a 3 Time MN State Fiddle Champion with 2 albums out, Serenity & Out of Nowhere. Her style is lyrical and sure.  While Mary clearly loves music, her concern for the environment was stronger and she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Forestry and Minor in Music. With the sounds of the woods and birds recorded and mixed into her albums, you can close your eyes and picture her sitting high in a tree playing music with the wilderness. Read More....

Aaron Brown on Courage
If courage was common we'd give it an easier more calming name like "smooth living"...The courageous among us aren't courageous most of the time. Get more contributions and stories at the Between You and Me page.

Courage is a word lush with meaning. Yet, when we use the word we make the assumption that no interpretation is needed. Get more contributions and stories at the Between You and Me page.

The Last Word on Courage
What takes courage, often more than we have, is telling the truth. Get more contributions and stories at the Between You and Me page.

Local historian, Barry Babcock, on the heroic stand by the First Minnesota Volunteers at the Battle of Gettysburg. Get more stories from Our History here.

The Harvest with John Fisher-Merritt
Organic Farmer of the Year, John Fisher-Merritt, from Wrenshall, talks to Maggie Montgomery about his harvest this year, his unique “root cellar” storage system for thousands of pounds of produce, and his organic approach to soil fertility.  Get more Local Food stories here.

Swashbucklers Go Public in Bemidji
A secret society of swordsmen revealed their talents and charitable aspirations to their home community of Bemidji at the Swashbucklers' Guild Equinox Duello. Check out more on the Morning Show page

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