Friday, November 19, 2010

Compelling Radio Coming to a Speaker Near You

by Doug MacRostie

When my wife saw this picture she said, "I can see the fear in your eyes..". And yeah, I'm facing off with Butterscotch Bitch, one of the Iron Range Maidens; also known as KAXE Producer Heidi Holtan. I walked into work today proudly wearing my Babe City Rollers t-shirt and as soon as I saw her Maidens shirt I knew there would be trouble... but things settled down. That's one of the amazing things about derby, such a sense of friendly community.

I have been working on a radio documentary, "The Women of Roller Derby," for months now; driving to homes, sitting on the floor, and chatting with people about Derby. I'm doing it as part of Documentary Production Training class for Northern Community Radio by Milt & Jamie Lee along with a few other staff members. It has been an amazing experience. We all have been doing interviews for years, but to make a documentary is an entirely higher level of production and commitment - and we are making some very compelling pieces to share.

Other topics include a hand bell choir, finding good food, and young golfers.

We plan to have a listening session on The KAXE Morning Show on Friday, Dec. 3rd and we are all racing to have our pieces ready for their debut. Milt and Jamie will join us in-studio to present the documentaries. This will be a morning of radio you won't want to miss as we bring local voices and stories onto the airwaves.

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