Friday, February 19, 2010

Do you believe in magic? The magic is HAPPENING at KAXE's Fundspiel

by Heidi Holtan

A month ago or so I did a Between You and Me call in show about book recommendations.

One of the recommendations came from a lovely lady who couldn't say enough about how wonderful her granddaughter is....AND, it just happened to be that her granddaughter is the co-author of "The Career Within You".

Flash forward to a couple of weeks later - a publicist calls me, representing Ingrid Stabb. The very same Ingrid Stabb who happened to be the granddaughter of our caller, Eivor.

Did I want to do an interview on this book? Ingrid lives in California, but her grandmother would be willing to come in while we interviewed her as well.

The answer, of course, was yes.

If that isn't good enough, today, DAY ONE of the KAXE Fundspiel, Eivor (Ingrid's grandmother) came in to pledge her support to KAXE. And eat breakfast with us!

So thanks Eivor, and tune in for later in the month (March 12th at 8:40am) and we'll talk to Eivor and her author granddaughter, Ingrid Stabb, ab out "The Career Within You - How to Find the Perfect Job for Your Personality". Oh, and one more thank you. Thanks Eivor (who we learned was called the Dragon Lady at one point in her life) kinda gave John Bauer the business for not cleaning off the sidewalks adequately. You shoulda seen John.

"I did part of it!"

"Yeah," said Eivor, "I had a husband like that once!"

Thanks to everyone who supports KAXE. All our welcome in the KAXE community!

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