Thursday, February 25, 2010

It's Like Family tradition

Karen Ryan was in doing music today, and trying out her titanium knees on the new KAXE Long-Jump ramp over the river (see side image) that was installed Wednesday night by Robert Jevne.

Karen has been a long time, member and volunteer and one of her daughters pledged today (where are the other two????) ...and someday she hopes her grand daughters will too. "It's all about the future," said Karen, "I would hate for the next generation to grow up in a world without KAXE. There is plenty of fast-passed BAD out there, and KAXE is a wonderful island of real-time goodness." Just ask Spud Spenser: The Fundspiel Forum 11.

Call 800-662-5799 to keep KAXE here for future generations, or pledge online. Click here to see a video of Karen sticking the landing on her long jump.

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